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Fruits n Sevens looks to capture the market of slot players looking for an easy, simple slot game that concerns itself primarily with offering the player opportunities at good prizes for virtually every symbol in play at any one time. It utilises the tried and tested formula included within the name, of fruits and 7s that have been a part of slot machines since their invention and are commonly found on slots in real casinos. The sights and sounds serve to remind players of experiences in such casinos, with the format recreated in an online game that combines such familiarity with the benefits of playing from the comfort of the player’s home.

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These benefits are fairly obvious. By playing at home, players immediately eliminate any travel time and the associated costs, and don’t even have to sit on one of the less than comfortable stools found in many casinos. Instead, they can set a budget, transfer it directly into the casino and sit in a comfortable chair while experiencing the exact gaming experience found locally.

Everything that a player would expect to find on a real slot machine is present on Fruits n Sevens, including a handy pay table and simple bonus features. A quick glance at the pay out screen, accessed by clicking the ‘Paytable’ button, shows the value of matching the relevant number of each fruit. Most fruits, such as lemons and oranges, need to be matched in adjacent rows of at least three. Certain higher value fruits, such as the berries, can be matched in sets of two or more; the pay out for matching two is lower than for matching three of another fruit, but as any slot player will testify, every little win helps!

Players can choose between starting out playing for virtual money or real cash. Both games are exactly the same, with the obvious slight difference that wins on the practice game are paid out in virtual money. Whether playing for real or virtual cash, the player is presented with a game featuring five non-adjustable win lines across five reels. Stake level can be adjusted regardless of the game type.

The stake level is important for a number of reasons. Players will see on the pay table that every win is calculated as a multiplier of the stake, so obviously the higher bets mean higher returns. The stake also directly influences the amount on offer from the progressive jackpot. In the bottom right corner of the play area is a small section displaying an increasing prize amount. This is the progressive jackpot, and it is continually increasing because a small percentage of every bet by every linked player is added to the pool. Players of different stake levels see a different prize amount, with only those playing for the maximum line bet seeing the full amount. This ensures fairness, as rather than increasing the chance of winning a jackpot for those playing at higher levels, everyone has an equal chance, simply for varying prizes.

The area of the screen that displays the progressive jackpot is headed by five sevens in a row, indicating how the prize is won. If a player is fortunate enough to spin in five red 7s across any win line, the jackpot is theirs. Three or four adjacent sevens are also worth considerably more than most other symbols, making it a great symbol to appear


Any winning spin other than the jackpot gives the player the opportunity to gamble in Novotech’s flashing bar game. If a winning spin appears, players can gamble the full prize amount by clicking the ‘Gamble’ button that becomes active. The play area also changes the ‘Start’ button, which is replaced by ‘Collect’, giving the player the option to add the win to their balance and proceed as normal. Higher value wins also reward the player with ‘MG’ games, which basically entail playing on a spinning wheel in an effort to win additional cash. These ‘MG’ games also form part of the gamble – if games are awarded as part of the cash prize, they are also on the line in a gamble and can be doubled. Of course, if a player loses the gamble their accumulated prize fund is lost and they are returned to the normal game to continue spinning.

Fruits n Sevens is a great slot for those who never grew fond of the wide range of themed games on offer. There are no pirates, kings or adventurers here. Instead, familiar symbols are the order of the day, with clear pay outs and the most simplistic of bonuses

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